Monday, November 2, 2009

message from a young mother

YES! I am a young mother! NO! it wasn't by "accident"!
I am so sick of older women treating young mothers like they don't know what they are doing.
Just because YOU where to busy with yourself and your career doesn't mean everyone should wait until there done "enjoying there life" as some say.
Well... I enjoy my life just fine! I love being a mother and I couldn't imagine anything more joy full then that?
My little girl is perfectly healthy, she never even had diaper, rash ore diarea and sleeps true the night! I know I'm not a perfect mother and there will be many bumps in the road, but I'm doing just as good as any other mom, thank you very much!
"older" moms, please don't feel attacked, I'm just talking to those who talk bad about young mothers.

Love ore Money?

Yesterday at work I met a nice men who told me he "liked" me very much.
And as hostess (I work at a hotel that has a restaurant) I was polite and we talked for a while.
He told me he was 31,rich and he was staying in the hotel for business.
We started a discussion about the possibility for him to be able to find a wife/girlfriend because he is traveling so much.
I assured him it was possible.
He said he was glad to hear that and told me he's future wife would lead a happy life.
She would be able to go with him if she would want to ore, stay him with his creditcards.
I laughed and said that it sounded very appealing.
I guess he took that as a hint and he gave me his business card.

I threw it away but, I must say that I was doubting for just a couple of seconds.
It's not that I'm taking him very seriously, especially after he said that he wouldn't normally do something like this but I seemed "special". (Anytime you hear a men say something like that the first time he meets you, you better stay away)
But right now my boyfriend doesn't have a job and that's something I could live with.The fact that he is not actively looking for one is what is bothering me (and that's an understatement!)
So when an other men comes along who apparently takes his work very seriously, it makes me wonder why I haven't been pickyer about choosing a partner.
I use to think that money wasn't important, but that's something only people who have money would think. If you don't have any you'll learn how important it is.
I guess I chose "love" but was that the right choice?